Safety signs: PPE and Construction site, Fire fighting, First Aid, No smoking, Facilities management and more

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Gallery of Safety signs pictures

DANGER signs

Flammable Materials No Smoking Sign

CCTV signs

Videosurveillance Warning sign


Machinery safety sign

DANGER signs

Do not enter sign

Fire Safety Signs

: Fire estinguisher location sticker

Danger signs

Electrical Hazard sign
alt="WARNING: Laser Radiation sign"/>


Laser Radiation sign


No Smoking Sign


No mobile phone sign


Car washing only, No Parking sign


No naked light, flammable sign

NOTICE signs

Passenger lift


No Truck

Plixo as Your Safety Signs Supplier

Thanks you for visiting Plixo Safety signs pages, the place where to buy your safety signs!

Why choose us as your Safety Signs supplier

  • Wide range of safety sign designs, sizes and materials
  • Support for custom signs at no extra cost, including for floor signs
  • Industrial quality, all our signs are overlaminated for increased protection and durability
  • No MOQ, from one custom danger sign to hundreds of facility signs in single or multiple batches
  • Short leadtime, competitive pricing, delivery and installation available as options

Safety Signs Front Materials

  • VPSM: Quality Self-adhesive vinyl sticker
    • High Quality 100 microns white vinyl sticker
    • Full digital solvent ink print
    • 80 microns matt vinyl overlaminate
    • Self-estinguishing B1
    • Long term fire-proof indoor signs
    • Short to medium term outdoor signs
  • VPSL: Quality Photoluminescent "Glow-in-the-dark" adhesive sticker
    • Compliant with ASME E2072, DIN 67510 and IMO Resolution A.752(18).
    • When signs are required to be easily seen under emergency lighting conditions.
  • VPFA: Self-adhesive floor sticker
    • Self-adhesive
    • High Quality 100 microns vinyl sticker
    • Full digital solvent ink print
    • anti-slippery floor overlaminate
    • Factory, warehouse and public place marking: restricted area, forklift paths, etc.

Safety Signs Backing Materials

  • AFV2: 2mm acrylic front print
    • 2mm original plexiglass [germany] laser cut to shape
    • Short to medium indoor/outdoor signs, ex: temporary signs on construction site, hoardings, etc.
  • ALU15: 1.5mm aluminium
    • 1.5mm thick aluminium alloy plate
    • Frontsolvent print with overlaminate
    • Medium term outdoor signs
  • ARV3:3mm acrylic reverse mount
    • 3mm original plexiglass [germany] laser cut to shape
    • Reverse solvent print with underlaminate for improved appearance and maximum durability
    • Long term indoor and outdoor signs and signages

Safety Signs Pricing

Safety Signs: Vinyl + Adhesive/Backing
Size Adhesive Only Acrylic 2mm Aluminium 1.5mm
150x150mm $1.50/pc $5.0/pc $7.0/pc
150x200mm $2.00/pc $6.0/pc $9.0/pc
150x250mm $2.50/pc $8.0/pc $11.0/pc
200x200mm $2.50/pc $8.0/pc $11.0/pc
200x250mm $3.00/pc $10.0/pc $14.0/pc
250x250mm $4.00/pc $13.0/pc $18.0/pc
300x300mm $5.00/pc $18.0/pc $25.0/pc
A4 $4.00/pc $14.0/pc $18.0/pc
A3 $8.00/pc $28.0/pc $35.0/pc
VPSM, Safety Signs Standard Sizes Prices
Safety Signs: Photoluminescent + Adhesive/Backing
Size Adhesive Only Acrylic 2mm Aluminium 1.5mm
150x150mm $5.00/pc $8.0/pc $10.0/pc
150x200mm $6.00/pc $9.0/pc $11.0/pc
150x250mm $7.00/pc $11.0/pc $14.0/pc
200x200mm $7.00/pc $11.0/pc $14.0/pc
200x250mm $9.00/pc $14.0/pc $18.0/pc
250x250mm $11.00/pc $18.0/pc $22.0/pc
300x300mm $15.00/pc $25.0/pc $32.0/pc
A4 $11.00/pc $18.0/pc $22.0/pc
A3 $21.00/pc $35.0/pc $44.0/pc
VPSL, Photoluminescent [Glow-in-the-dark] Safety Signs Standard Sizes Prices

Terms & Conditions

  • Leadtime 3 working days for quantity up to 10pcs. Consult us for bulk orders,
  • GST Included, Minimum order of S$20,
  • Cash, PayNow, GrapPay or cheque payment on collection, 50% deposit for orders above $2,000,
  • Exclude Delivery
    • In-house delivery services available, charges at S$50, for orders above S$300, to be scheduled one week in advance,
    • For orders below S$300 and size of signs up to A1, we can engage courier service on your behalf, charges at S30, require full payment in advance,
  • Prices subject to revision without notice, except for already confirmed orders.
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