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Best Deal3x3 Curve System+Print+Delivery+Demonstration
$1,050/pc [GST included]

Gallery of Pop-up systems done by Plixo

Pop-up system

Ready for use at roadshow!

Curved Pop-up system Example

For oil and gas exhibition

3x3 Pop-up system

Internal structure view

Pop-up system

Easy to install with its magnetic bars!

Pop-up system

After 2 panels installed

Pop-up system

Last panel installation

3x3 Pop-up system

Back view after install

3x3 Pop-up system

Ready for use, another view

Curved Pop-up system for All

Different industry, different styles!

Pop-up systems Applications

Exhibition, Events, Roadshows

  • High resolution colour-intense
  • Strong impact
  • Durable
  • Perfect for exhibitions, events and roadshows

Pop-up systems Specifications

  • 6 colours (CMYKlclm)
  • HP printer
  • True 600x600 dpi for sharp prints
  • Laminated
  • Short turnaround

Pop-up systems Templates

Pop-up systems, Promotion!

Pop-up Systems, Single Side, Prices
Pop-up size System + Print Print Only [using customer existing system]*
3x3 [curve/straight]$1,050.00
3x4 [curve/straight]S$1,750.00S$780.00
Single-side Pop-up System Prices
See All Best Prices Best Deal 3x3 Curve System + Print + Delivery: $1,050/pc
Prepaid orders, GST included

Pop-up Systems, Double Side, Prices
Pop-up size System + Print
3x3 [curve/straight]S$1,950.00
3x4 [curve/straight]S$2,350.00
Dual-side Pop-up System Prices
Pop-up Systems, Options
Item Price
Spot Light [LED]S$60.00/no
Oval Table Case with Printed WrapS$300.00
Colour Proof Scale 1:5S$150.00
Option Prices

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