Plixo's Acrylic Manufacturing

Large Format Printing for Outdoor Vinyl Stickers

Laser cutting & engraving

Large format printing

stickers, high resolution!

Counter sticker

Permanent or Removable stickers mounted on your sales and display counters

Glass door sticker

Promote your products on the shopping mall doors!

Outdoor sticker

Paste ultra-wide stickers on your glass facade to advertise your offer

Pillar wrap

Promotional message in high traffic place

Large Format Lamination

and mounting

Corporate wall mural

Display your corporate mission, values, products, history on your wall with our ultra large stickers

Shop Wall mural

Printed dreamland for a baby shop

Large format print, lami and mount

Multiple 5m long stickers after lamination, ready for mounting

Cut-to-shape hoardings

Long lasting display of your safety messages on hoardings as lifesize figurines

Construction Hoardings

Use your hoardings as promotional billboards

Event Print

for your big events!

Lifesize print and cut standees

Bring your message to life

Cut To shape standees

Lightweight and outdoor resistant

Outdoor Stickers Applications

Our long lasting high resolution colour-intense stickers can be used for:
  • Directly pasted on outdoor structures

    • Can be installed on Walls, Facades, Glass, Doors, Pillars, Lifts*, etc.
    • Installation Services Available
    • *For Lift Stickers, see our Special Lift-stickers Packages
  • For Interior design and Decoration

    • Custom wall-murals
    • Prints mounted on plywood, aluminium, dibond panels to provide unique texture and light reflection effects
  • As part of Signages & Signs

    • High resolution colour-intense signages, signboards, lightboxes
    • Construction Signs, Warning Signs, Directions: no more die-cut required

    Explore our Signages , Signboards and Signs offerings.

Outdoor Stickers, Our Pricing

Print Only$3.0/sqf
Print & Install$6.0/sqf
Large Format Outdoor Stickers Prices
Print only Minimum Order: $20
Installation Minimum Order: $300

Large format printing, Specifications

Plixo printers are the best in class for vinyl sticker printing in Singapore !

Large format printing, Materials

Large format printing, Services

In addition to printing, we provide the following services:

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