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Plixo's Workshop: Custom Acrylic Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing
From simple boxes to the most appealing designs

Large Format Printing Services

Plixo's Workshop: From simple boxes to the most appealing designs, our manufacturing services for acrylic, plywood, wood, fiber etc... !

Small-scale production

Acrylic Jig

Prototyping, clock detail

Custom clock for easier readability

Prototyping, clock assembled

Custom clock, full view

Custom Case

For Awards, Gifts, Displays...

Prototyping - Immersion Cooker

Design and Pictures by Benjy Choo,

Prototyping - Immersion Cooker Detail

Design and Pictures by Benjy Choo,

Custom Holders

Gold Mirror for drinking cups

Miniature, automated

Chinese Theater, Designed by Kuan

Acrylic Holders

Original Namecard holder design

Jewelry Display

Ear ring holder

Feature Wall - details

One of a thousand pieces!

Feature Wall - overview

With embedded lighting


Product showcase

Custom Boxes

With prints or die-cut stickers, perfect for displays and exhibitions

Acrylic Manufacturing


LED-lighted acrylic

Engraved for amazing see-through effect!

Custom raisers

Unique mirror texture

For Fun

Not really acrylic, right, but who said we could not have fun in a workshop!

And to wrap-up

Safety First ;-)


Manufacturing Services


Please note our new Address, from February 3rd, 2020:
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#02-14 Shun Li Ind Pk

Singapore 417943

Phone and emails remain unchanged.
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