Industrial Pipe markers and Tags Made in Singapore
Perfects for identification/marking in Offshore, Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries

Gallery of Industrial Pipe markers pictures, ASME A13.1-2007 & ANSI ISO 14726-2:2002 compliant

Huge Pipe markers

Up to 36" diameter, high visibility

Extended Temperature Range Pipe markers

Test at 130 deg C

Pipe markers Close-up

ASME A13.1-2007 with bilingual texts

Pipe markers production, trimming

Compliant colours and dimensions

Pipe markers production, packing

Ready to ship with their Protective packaging

Pipe markers installation

Compliance ensure High visibility

Pipe markers Installed

Another angle

We are glad to announce the launch of our new brand, IDIGO!

Thanks to a dedicated joint venture with our partner Ravel International, we now offer an enlarged range of products and services.
Eager to have you visit our IDIGO website or our dedicated premises. Full contact details here.

Pipe Markers, Datasheets and Technical resources

All Technical resources for our pipe markers has been moved to our Joint-Venture website dedicated IDIGO Pipe markers Technical Resources Page.

Pipe Markers, Applications

For full details, please consult our dedicated IDIGO website and more specifically IDIGO Applications page.

Pipe Markers, Specifications

All Product specifications for our pipe markers, valve tags and more is now on our Joint-Venture website IDIGO with a page detailing our enlarged offering IDIGO Product Offering.